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Aunt Heather babysat for Juliette the other day, and she reported, “All she does is be cute.” That sums up the past few months with Juliette. She is learning so many things, and each of them is cute. Juliette is working hard on words — she will try to imitate whatever you say. Jeff and I are even sure she said “I love you” the other day. Jeff has taught her to give kisses, and she taught herself to give the best hugs in the world. She is finally trying to walk holding onto hands, and I think she’ll pick it up fast. She used to refuse to try, but now she seems thrilled by the sensation. She can already crawl up and down stairs, so we are on our toes.

Her favorite thing right now is to be outside. She loves the spring flowers, and fortunately she knows that she can have dandelions, even if the neighbor’s tulips are off-limits. She asks for a dandelion for each hand as soon as she gets outside. She is constantly dusted with golden pollen like a bumblebee, and our house is strewn with discarded flowers. If only Winnie would eat them but he prefers the goldfish.

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Juliette is one year old! She has grown from a frail yellow kitten into a sturdy, rosy little lass with sparkling Atlantic-blue eyes and a crooked five-tooth smile. Lately she has learned a lot of "tricks" — she can pull up, throw a ball, clap her hands, sign for more, and say "mum," "dada," "ball," "more," and "uh-oh" with varying clarity. But the most amazing trick of all is what she did at birth — transform her father and me by giving us new focus and a constant source of joy. Watching her experience life has been the experience of a lifetime.

Happy birthday, baby girl! We love you very much.

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Juliette is now 10 months old! She celebrated her first Thanksgiving by being the person for whom Jeff and I are most thankful. If she could talk, she probably would have given her thanks for her top two teeth (four total!) and for finally learning to crawl in a wonderfully idiosyncratic fashion. There’s no stopping her now!

Next up: first Christmas! If Santa needs any reference letters, I will happily testify that she has been a very, very good girl this year.

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Maybe Juliette seems so tall because she spends as much time as possible standing on her pudgy feet (with a little support from the nearest adult). Maybe the Cheerios she enjoys eating have done their magic. At any rate, our tiny girl now seems shockingly big at 8 ½ months. She has learned all kinds of cool tricks, like sort of clapping, dropping objects behind the changing table, giving poorly aimed wet kisses, and saying dadadada when she’s happy and mamamama when she’s mad.

She’s adjusting to wearing jackets and socks again in the cool weather, and she now has a full head of flowing, cascading peachy-blond hair to keep her ears warm. OK, that last part is a little bit of an exaggeration, but Juliette’s little strands of hair look very pretty and the hand-me-down hoodies from cousin Charlotte keep her covered.

Juliette recently attended cousin Bridget and John’s wedding (the best time had in Belmar since, well, DJ and Karen’s wedding), and enjoyed hanging out with Leslie, cousin Jess, and Mrs. J while the rest of Lyons, Dunn, Burke, and Killeen clans tore up the dance floor at the Barclay. Even Jeff danced, although Karen and Cook probably put in the most impressive performance. Adding to the festivities, the vocal stylings of Jeff, DJ, Mike, and the St. Rose Alumni Singers were enjoyed by all the people who were singing. Thanks to Bridget, John, Mary and Frank for such a great weekend! (Wedding Photos coming soon!)

More recently, Juliette helped her cousin Ben celebrate his 10th birthday, and can’t wait for him to babysit in a few years. Next up: Halloween! Juliette has not yet decided what to be, but you can bet she’ll look cute! I hope you can bear the suspense. - Kelly

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Winslow is not the only little biter in the family. At age 7 months, Juliette now has two bottom teeth showing! So far she hasn’t injured anyone, nor has she used her teeth for eating. She’s not really into the solids yet, but she’s learned to hold a bottle and still enjoys most meals straight from the tap.

Darling girl has spent time at home, in Belmar, and at more restaurants than most grownups — Abbaye in Northern Liberties, Chef Ed’s in Belmar, Primavera Pizza Kitchen in Ardmore, Yangming in Bryn Mawr, and Le Bus in Manayunk. She’s a very cosmopolitan baby and enjoys watching her parents partake in many cuisines, although only at the very un-sophisticated dining hour of 4 or 5 pm.

The J-bird is now a fully proficient sitter who only rarely keels over, and she also enjoys rocking on her hands and knees. She’ll be taking off to crawl any week now. Very soon our flood-damaged basement will be repaired and she’ll have room to roam. In the meantime, she has graduated to a new car seat that perfectly matches her mom’s new car — a silver Corolla — so we are already on the move. - Kelly

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Juliette has gone through a growth spurt! She has grown two inches in the last month, so now the former adorably short round baby, who last month was in the 25th percentile for length and 50th for weight, is now classically chubby, in the 75th percentile all around. She’s 26 inches long and 15 pounds, 13 ounces.

She and her parents spent the hot weekend in Belmar. Juliette finally met up with cousin Michael and enjoyed the antics of his college and local buddies, who followed in the footsteps of Frank and Mary’s St. Francis classmates with some harmless carousing. Miss Baby joined the “kids” team for a rousing challenge match of Time’s Up, but had little to contribute beyond coos and squeals. Dave was thrilled to be better at the game than at least one person in attendance.

Back on the homefront, Juliette came face-to-face with handsome Aidan Reilly, the two-year-old son of Linda and Kevin Reilly of North Carolina. The Reilly clan was traveling between Avalon and Bethlehem, which sounds like a spiritual pilgrimage but, like any trip that involves the Garden State Parkway and the Schuylkill Expressway, was not. Aidan, however, is perfectly cherubic, with Linda’s blond curls and Kevin’s adorable cheeks.

On Sunday we wrapped up the weekend with a visit to the Ardmore pool to accompany aquatic cousins Ben, Josie, and Lucy.

Believe it or not, none of these events captured by digital camera. Call it photo fatigue – sorry to all! You’ll have to use your imagination. And congratulations to Marielle and Randy, who welcomed baby Nicholas on July 9! We are all thrilled that another cousin has joined the fold.
- Kelly
Juliette has been adding consonent sounds to her vocalizations and nearly rolling over, but the big news is her busy social calendar. She attended a party with a dual Care Bear/Pirate theme — surely the first of its kind. She wore her best baby pirate outfit — ruffled peasant blouse, knickers — but wouldn't hold still for the eyepatch. Happy birthday, Jack and Luke!

Next up during Fourth of July weekend was Kathleen Slattery and John Booth's Gatsby-worthy wedding in St. Michaels on the Chesapeake Bay. Seersucker, Lilly Pulitzer, and swimsuits mingled amid the strains of Dixieland music. Juliette opted to wear white, but luckily no one confused the tiny, round baby for the tall, elegant bride. Juliette enjoyed meeting my college cronies and the bride and groom's fantastic friends and relatives, especially Joy and Grace.

Capping off the holiday weekend was a barbecue at Aaron, Elizabeth, and Sara's house. We could not stay for the Narberth fireworks — while the baby's bedtime beckoned, the truth is her two parents were far too exhausted from all the fun. More summer fun is doubtless in the works now that our peripetetic relatives have returned from Alaska, Ireland, and Australia... Stay tuned. Check out the LATEST PIX and a sensational SINGING VIDEO! - Kelly
Juliette, Jeff, and I celebrated our first Father’s Day together with morning coffee, bagels, and a little trip to Ikea. While Jeff has been making progress on teaching the baby to roll over, we’ve discovered that she is not very good at waiting in long checkout lines or assembling furniture.

Father’s Day followed the wedding weekend of Sal and Kate – congratulations to both! Juliette was a special surprise guest who showed up outside St. Rose to greet wedding goers and get a snuggle from her groomsman daddy. Fear not – she had not wandered to the church alone on the mean streets of Belmar, but was wheeled there by Grandma Pat and Aunt Betty, who assumed babysitting duties.

In other advances, Juliette has finally kicked her cold. She’s enjoying new skills like grabbing her feet with her hands and has fully perfected the art of smiling at people everywhere, including Emily and Mark’s party, Caviston’s restaurant, the Irish Center, and the Avon Pavilion. But although she likes to give sunny grins out to everyone she meets, Juliette saves the very happiest ones for her daddy. When she smiles at Jeff, she uses her whole body, from her sparkly blue eyes to her little pink prehensile toes. She is a lucky little girl to have such a fun and loving father, and I count myself the luckiest of all to have them both. Here are new PIX and two new VIDEOS! - Kelly
As I'm about to experience my first Father's Day as a father, please allow me this bit of cyberspace to talk about "Dad." Don't worry, I'm not about to traipse over the cutesy sleep-deprived-new-dad-changing-smelly-diapers territory that so many have traveled on before.

I'm sure my experience is no different than most new fathers (except that my daughter rules!): wonderfully satisfying, weepingly joyous and at times, extremely scary. Instead, I'd just like to tell you about my dad, Donald P. Lyons (AKA "Big D"), and the various ways he made me laugh like hell throughout my life.

Here's to Don Lyons!
Hi all. Juliette celebrated her four-month birthday with a doctor’s appointment, complete with immunizations. She’s now 14 pounds, 2.5 ounces, and 24 inches long – that’s the 50th percentile for weight and 25th for length, which is the perfect size for cuddling.

Miss Baby (or Drooliette, as her Aunt Heather dubbed her) is in the middle of toughing out a cold – she’s not a complainer, and she’s even managed during her illness to find her feet with her hands for the first time and ratchet up her vocalizations with some new noises. She’s a regular chatterbox now, and enjoys telling jokes and stories as much as her dad (although she is only slightly less coherent, since she doesn’t know any words).

Other recent fun times for Juliette include spending Memorial Day weekend at barbecues in Belmar and Ambler, and going to her first concert – an outdoor music and arts festival in Northern Liberties. And we are continuing our Friday lunchtime tradition even though I’m back at work! Now Jeff watches her all day Friday and the two of them visit me so we all have lunch on Penn’s lovely campus. Thank you to my friends at Wharton who threw a wonderful welcome party for Juliette. She had a great time! See the Latest Photos (2 new sets!) - Kelly
Juliette has now celebrated her three-month birthday and first Mother's Day by visiting her grandmothers in Ambler and Belmar (note that the towns are anagrams) and by kicking back and enjoying the May sunshine with her mom, dad, and dog-brother in Wynnewood. As the aforementioned mom, I have to express my gratitude to my baby and my baby's daddy for making the whole three months so intensely happy.

Juliette is now moving on to advanced cooing and head-holding-up, as she learns to enjoy time on her tummy more. Most recently, she's made some new baby friends at Montgomery Early Learning Center, where she has also learned to paint with her feet. - Kelly

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"The face of a child can say it all, especially the mouth part of the face."

- Jack Handy, Deep Thoughts
Juliette had a very busy two weeks. She enjoyed the shade on sunny days at the Andrews estate, the Belmar beach house, and her own backyard. She went to Vinny T's with Aunt Heather and Kevin, Bertucci's with Grandma Nan, and Vic's with Grandma Pat, Aunt Karen, Uncle DJ, Jessica, Bridget, and John. She did brunch at the Belmar Fishing Club, and enjoyed the babysitting talents of Aunt Kim (with help from Josie, Lucy, and Ben) and Aunt Heather (with a major assist from Kevin). She finally met cousin Jessica, and enjoyed visits with Great-Grandma Willie, Leslie, Jim, Gene, Kim B., Katherine, Darryl, Anne, Brian, Kari, and the McHugh clan. She impressed all with her smiles, coos, and kicks — and especially her projectile vomiting on Aunt Mary (unfortunately, no video available).

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Cousin Mike is currently studying in Australia. He is alive and well and covered in sunscreen. Here are some great PIX in case you miss him or want to see the lovely Land Down Under. - Jeff
11 pounds! Yep, our little feeder/grower had a check-up today and surprised everyone with her impressive weight gain. She has now doubled her size from the time she left the hospital. That's good home cooking for ya! Juliette is also 21 and 1/2 inches long and outgrowing some of her favorite clothes... very sad. She did give Winslow a couple old sweaters. Want more good news? Who doesn't. Juliette is now doling out big, happy smiles (not just the fake-gas kind).

We had a wonderful time on Easter Sunday motoring back and forth between Judy and Nick's in Trenton and the Andrews' main compound in Ambler, PA. Lots of great food, drink, gifts and conversation for all. We are very blessed to have such awesomely fun and loving families. Sadly, Cousin Jess was a bit ill (but much better now) and the gals did not get to meet. They are now considering a conference call. Check out the latest mayhem... lots of new Pix (2 times the photos!) and a new, extended Video. Okay, back to wet-vaccing the water out of my basement. Happy Spring! - Jeff
Many thanks to Brian Seymour for penning and playing "Little Wonder" at his outstanding CD release party this past Saturday. Juliette is extremely honored to have her very own song. If you saw tears streaming down my face during the performance, that's because a wasp flew in and stung me in the eye... I swear. - Jeff
Apologies to all of Juliette's fans who missed their update last week! She's been very busy the past two weeks growing rosy round cheeks and a curly baby version of her dad's hair flap. She's gone to the Penn Valley Pub for lunch and Borders for coffee, and she's begun to enjoy playing with toys — batting at objects, lifting up her head to look at lights, and hanging out in her swing for upwards of 10 minutes in a row. To see her big cheeks and more, check out some new Photos and a new Video. - Kelly
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Juliette experienced her first visit to Belmar this past weekend. While we didn't make it to the Belmar St. Patrick's Day Parade or drink green Miller Lite at the Boathouse, we did wear green and enjoy the hospitality of Grandma Patty, who served many delicious cheese-based dishes and showed off her best Irish dance steps (see Video). Also stopping by were Uncle Frank and Aunt Mary; cousin Bridget and John; cousin Kathleen and Dave; and neighbors Katherine and Gene (see Pix).

Today in Wynnewood we took advantage of the temporary warm weather with a family stroll through the neighborhood. At least I thought it was a stroll — Winslow thought it was a race and declared himself the winner. - Kelly
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Guess who is 14 pounds now? That's right, that tubby baby Norman who lives down the street. Sweet kid, but enough about him. Our Juliette just got back from the Doc's office and tipped the scales at a very healthy 7 lbs. 2.5 oz. and measured 20.5 inches! We are very excited with her progress. She is a little feeding machine now and of course, with lots of eating comes lots of... well, I'm sure you can imagine. Have you ever seen a Diaper Genie beg for mercy? Juliette also enjoys baths and likes drying off even more. We have new pictures to prove it.

Juliette made three new friends this week — Todd, Heather and Russ, got a visit from her cousins Ben, Josie and Lucy and took a trip to Grandma & Grandpa Andrews house. Winslow has a bit less room in the car now to run about, but he seems to be handling it well. We are looking forward to visiting Belmar this weekend to see the beach, Grandma Lyons and the rest of our favorite Belmartians. - Jeff
Today is a big day for Juliette — her estimated due date! It's so strange to think that she was supposed to be born today. Instead, we've been fortunate to have been able to see her pretty face and hold her scrawny little body for the past three and a half weeks. She's now in the middle of a growth spurt, and her cheeks are getting round and rosy. I bet she'll be over seven pounds when we go to the doctor on Monday.

Jeff and I are celebrating her should-have-been birthday with some apple crumb cake, but Juliette can't have any quite yet. Tomorrow we're going to try her on a bottle and maybe even go out for a walk if the weather is nice. Now that her due date is passed, she's ready to meet the world. - Kelly
This week Juliette made friends with some neighbors — the McHughs and Finleys — and enjoyed a visit from Michigan-based bon vivant Scott Shrake. Unfortunately, she did not get to make the trip to Monmouth Junction to attend her cousin Jessica's first birthday party. Instead, she amused herself re-enacting her favorite scenes from E.T. and watching videos of Jess's party.

On Sunday morning (2/20/05) around 4:20 a.m., Juliette celebrated her own milestone when she lost her umbilical cord stump. You will have to take my word on the cuteness of her new belly button because she doesn't like to be undressed long enough to have a picture taken. - Kelly
Happy Valentine’s Day! Juliette celebrated by visiting the doctor. She’s back up to her birth weight — 5 pounds, 15 ounces —and her jaundice is almost gone. Best of all, we have professional confirmation that Juliette is indeed smiling, even though it’s supposed to be too early. Dr. Goldberg even called over a resident to witness the baby’s charming little smile. Check it out yourself — we’ve posted new pictures and a new video showing Juliette after a bath. If you previously found the videos too slow, try again! Jeff has compressed and reposted all the video files so they should download faster now. Enjoy the holiday and share the love! - Kelly
Juliette is home form the hospital after a 5-day stay. Despite the Eagles loss, she is doing quite well, putting on some serious ounces and getting over a mild case of jaundice. Juliette seems pretty happy and like most newborns, spends most of her time eating, sleeping and pooping — all in the most lady-like manner, of course. Big plans this weekend: Juliette will be traveling next door to meet our neighbors. - Jeff